25 Apr

It’s our 2nd Birthday!!

Who can believe it’s been 2 years?! It’s incredible how fast time flies! We want to thank you for reading this little blog of ours and we sincerely hope you’ve taken some sort of inspiration from it! It means the world to us that you take the time to visit and we hope to continue to bring you great wedding ideas for years to come!

BirthdayCake Photo Credit: The Soho
08 Apr

Drink of the Week: Honey Bee Martini

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Spring is here! Spring is here! Spring is here! Finally….. Jeez. As I right this post, I can see the blooms on the tree outside start to bloom and it makes me so so happy! Me and the Mr. stopped by the farmers market yesterday and found tons of local honey, perfect for any occasion! This got me thinking we needed an honey inspired drink of this beautiful week in april (although it’s not going to be so beautiful for long, storms are a come’n). And I think we have a winner:

Honey Bee Martini


Honey-Bee-Martini-Marla-Meridith-IMG_0813 Photo Credit: Marla Meridith

To find the full recipe check out FamilyFreshCooking.com!

01 Apr

Drink of the Week: Blood Orange Lemon Fizz

Drinks No Comments by Nicole

I have recently stumbled upon A Beautiful Mess and man! What a blog! I could get stuck on there for hours! After a late night scouring their posts I found this beautiful and vibrant drink that sounds both refreshing and tasty!! Plus I love any drink with blood orange in it. Not only is it super yummy but the color is absolutely stunning! And anything with bubbles is okay with this girl!! This drink would be perfect for any winter or spring affair when blood oranges are in peak season.

Blood Orange Lemon Fizz

BloodOrangeLemonFizz Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess


Check out A Beautiful Life for the full recipe!!

27 Mar

Color Spotlight: Mint and Bubblegume

We are making big strides toward spring this week. After snowmaggedon on Sunday, it’s slowly warming up and the birds are definitely chirping (a little too early in the morning I might mention). And for all of you lovely people out there who don’t have to suffer through winter well….. you can suck it (I mean that in a very endearing way I promise. I’m just jealous). So let’s celebrate the coming of spring with some spring wedding color inspiration. I think mint and bubblegum make such a beautiful combination. The mint is so subtle and the pink is striking. It brings femininity, sass, romance and a little fun to the party. What do you think of this adorable combo?


PinkandMint Straws | Cake | Ice Cream | Flowers | Earrings
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