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16 Apr

The Almighty Updo

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Should you wear your hair up or down? This choice should reflect your wedding day. Wearing your hair up can be a more formal look but can also make you feel like a million bucks! On the other hand, having your hair down might look more like the way you normally wear it and you will look more natural. Either way you will look beautiful so don’t stress over this too much!

Here is some updo inspiration for you!!!

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14 Dec

Things We Heart: December

Oh December…. Wedding planning during the holidays can be difficult. Here are some ideas to help out :) Happy Holidays everyone!!

 Photo Credit: Sprinkles Cake Shooters

I’m not sure these amazing cake shooters need much introduction. I mean, look at them. who wouldn’t want to dive head first into these puppies! Plus think of the nostalgia! Growing up, weren’t push up pops like the coolest thing since baked bread? The answer is yes.

Photo Credit: Sprinkles Cake Shooters 

So, despite what many people believe, not everyone likes to dance. Sad but true. Why not offer some board games so those guests can have something entertaining to do after dinner while watching you break out on the dance floor. I think this is such a cute idea and can really engage your guests! Choose games that you and your hubby like to play together to make it more personal!

Photo Credit: Every Last Detail

This is an idea that your groom will be ecstatic about. Order some personalized pint glasses (which should be fairly affordable), have your guests use them the night of your wedding and then they get to take them home as a favor! Who doesn’t have a great collection of pint glasses to remind you of where you have drank yourself silly?! I know I do….

Photo Credit: Olive Juice Studios

I love these bracelets to give to your bridesmaids as a gift! They are nice to wear on almost an occasion and you can personalize them for each of your ladies :) They will run you about $60 a pop but are well worth it!

Photo Credit: Simag Etsy Shop

Set up a Wish Wall. This idea is so cute and simple and looks amazing when it’s finished! Uncommon goods no longer sells this version, but get crafty and design your own. Your guests can leave well wishes inside (use paper in your wedding colors) and skip signing the guest book.

Photo Credit: Project Wedding

What are some ideas you are loving this month?

02 Jun

Hair Accessories

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Many brides choose for forego the traditional veil during the ceremony and instead choose a neat hair accessory that describes their personality. Their are many options out there but it can be difficult knowing what is what. Here is a short description of different hair accessories that are available to you!

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There is nothing quite like a good headband! Think about using a pair of skinny headbands for a fun and flirty look or go with a thicker band covered in a rhinestone pattern for a beautiful vintage feel. A veil can easily be added to pull off a more traditional look. Adding a headband gives you a more polished look while leaving the bride comfortable and they look great with your hair down as well as up! Don’t forget about the beautiful floral headband, two accessories in one!

Photo Credit: Lottie-Da


A comb is more or less a decorative headpiece that is held in place by teeth, very much like a comb you brush your hair with. The more teeth, tightly spaced together, the better it will stay in your hair. A comb can stand on its own or be attached to a veil. In fact, this is the way many veils are attached.

Combs add a vintage feel to your wedding day look. There are many different options for combs and even neat ways to update them to have a more trendy look. Feathered combs are making a big splash on the accessory scene right now. You can choose from a more traditional white feather or go with a great peacock feather or something with a little color.

If you are having your hair done, your stylist will be able to secure it for you, but if you are doing your own hair, make sure there is a lot of teasing done to the area of hair you are putting the comb.

Photo Credit: Lulusplendor


When you think about a barrette think about the clips you used to put in your hair when you were little. It’s one piece that clips in your hair, and is great for pulling back bangs or face framing layers. Don’t rely on the barrette to hold back large amounts of hair, it should be used to clip small pieces of hair back or as a decorative piece.

There are many options for barrettes, it doesn’t just have to be rhinestones or crystals. Think about materials like mother of pearl, decorative metals, glass pieces fabric or pearls.


Photo Credit: Kate Spade


After the Royal Wedding, I can understand your desire to wear a tiara and fulfill the need that has been living inside you since you were 4, to become a Princess. Here’s your chance! Rock that tiara with pride.

For those of you that aren’t sure what a tiara is, it is a half moon shaped accessory that is adorned with jewels (or rhinestones/crystals) or beads that sits on top of your head. They are like the diet coke of crowns. They are usually small to medium in size and come in huge varieties.

If you don’t want the princess look, don’t rule out wearing a tiara altogether. There are many modern options that are absolutely beautiful that don’t have the height that tends to follow the royal vibe.

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Hair Vines

A hair vine is something you probably aren’t too familiar with. It is a long strand (usually with some sort of wire so that it can be manipulated) that can be decorated with beads, rhinestones and other materials that wraps around your hair. You can use it to accentuate your up-do or wrap it around your head like a headband.

Photo Credit: Wire and Ice


What girl doesn’t love having a flower in her hair? Talk to your florist about what kind of flowers will best hold up and have them attach the flower to a hairpin or comb. You have to remember this poor little flower won’t be getting water and can possibly take a beating on your head. If you end up going with a lilly make sure you remove the stamen because they stain horribly! No one wants pollen on their pretty white dress.

If you want something a little less high maintence go with a fake flower. It will stay nice and perky and pretty for you all day! Silk flowers make a great option and they look beautiful!

Photo Credit: Kelly Zhang Make-up and Hair Studio

    Check out these shops for awesome hair accessories:

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