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11 Jun

Metallic Cakes

I am really into metallics right now. Especially gold. I blame my friend Emily, now I look ghetto fabulous on a daily basis. So that got me thinking, what could make a cake ghetto fabulous as well? Duh! Edible metallic paint and fondant!

Check out these gorgeous cakes from across the globe. This trend is definitely catching on.

PS If you see me out wearing my sweet giant gold Michael Kors watch feel free to give me a “HOLLA!” Get one, you know you want to be ghetto fabulous too.

PSS This first cake has gold painted girl scout cookies on it…..umm I think I’ve died and gone to heaven? Where are my tagalongs?! Oh yeah… I ate them all. The day I got them. All 5 boxes…..

 Photo Credit: Sweet and Saucy Shop


 Photo Credit: Heather Waraksa via Style Me Pretty


 Photo Credit: Faye Cahill


10 Jul

Blank Canvas

There are more than a few trends that have picked up and become very popular ever since Will and Kate tied the knot back in April of 2011. You remember that fabulous and very giant all white cake they served? Yeah well, that’s catching on too, just smaller versions :) So, take the plunge. Go for a real statement maker. Do you dare make your cake bare all?

 Photo Credit: Krissy Allori Photography/ Courtney Jade Photography via Style Me Pretty


 Photo Credit: Sweet Occasion


 Photo Credit: Melissa Tuck Photography via Style Me Pretty


 Photo Credit: Amanda Wilcher via Oh Darling Bride


 Photo Credit: HARRISON STUDIO via  Brides


 Photo Credit: KT Merry Photography vis Style Me Pretty


  Photo Credit: Di Bezi Photography via Brides, Cake by Abigail Kirsch


 Photo Credit: Tec Petaja Wedding Photography via Southern Weddings


 Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings


Credit: Mark Joseph Cakes


 Photo Credit: Unknown via Pinterest


 Photo Credit: Phototerra Studio via Style Me Pretty, Cake created by Luisa Galuppo Cakes


 Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


 Photo Credit: Cory McCune Photography via Wedding Chicks


 Photo Credit: MagPies Bakery


And my personal favorite, this stunner by Sweet and Saucy Shop:

 Photo Credit: Sweet and Saucy Shop

What do you think? Would you go all white for your wedding cake? Do you think the absence of color makes a bigger impact than a colorful cake?


07 Mar

Trend Alert: Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

2012 is starting to show its true colors and new wedding trends are popping up all over the place. Hand painted cakes have been around for a while but brides from all over the world are picking up on this trend like crazy. The extravagant fondant creations and natural buttercream cakes are over and hand painted masterpieces are totally in!

Hand painted cakes give brides a new way of being creative and a way of including more personalization into their wedding day. The sky is the limit with hand painted cakes, they can be bold and beautiful like a tattoo inspired cake or something that resembles stained glass, or simple and personalized with a painted design in your wedding day colors. Check out these awesome examples below! There might be more than a few from my favorite cake designer ever the Sweet and Saucy Shop!

 Photo Credit: Romantic Wedding Cakes by Kerry Vincent  via Brides


 Photo Credit: Sweet and Saucy Shop


 Photo Credit: The Knot


 Photo Credit: Sweet and Saucy Shop



 Photo Credit: My Sweet and Saucy


 Photo Credit: Amelie’s House


 Photo Credit: Maggie Austin Cakes


 Photo Credit: Real Simple


 Photo Credit: Inticing Creations via Brides


 Photo Credit: My Sweet and Saucy


 Photo Credit: Robyn Loves Cake via Brides


 Photo Credit: Real Simple
 Photo Credit: Debi Hall of Just Simply Delicious
 Photo Credit: Sweet and Saucy Shop


Is this something you have thought about doing to your wedding cake? What types of designs are you considering?

07 Jul

Ruffled Cakes

Nicole= Girly, Girly= Ruffles, = Nicole ♥ Ruffles! I’m always looking for new ways to update your cake and I’ve been seeing this trend a lot lately. There are a variety of ways to rock the ruffled look and pull it off using fondant OR buttercream!! As you’ll see below, there are many ways to incorporate ruffles into your wedding cake and they all end beautifully!!!

Sorry for the short post, it’s been a  busy few days. Have no fear, we are working on some great pieces for next week!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Etsy Find Friday on Napkin Rings!!!

Photo Credit: The Sweet and Saucy Shop
Photo Credit: Hong Kong Fashion Geek
Photo Credit: Jose Villa, Cake Design by Erica O’Brien via Style Me Pretty
Photo Credit: Millie Holloman via Style Me Pretty
Photo Credit: Pobke Photography, Cake Design by Sugar and Spice Cakes via Style Me Pretty
Photo Credit: Kara’s Party Ideas
Photo Credit: Unknown via Pinterest
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