Color Spotlight: Mint and Bubblegume

March 27, 2014 No Comments by Nicole

We are making big strides toward spring this week. After snowmaggedon on Sunday, it’s slowly warming up and the birds are definitely chirping (a little too early in the morning I might mention). And for all of you lovely people out there who don’t have to suffer through winter well….. you can suck it (I mean that in a very endearing way I promise. I’m just jealous). So let’s celebrate the coming of spring with some spring wedding color inspiration. I think mint and bubblegum make such a beautiful combination. The mint is so subtle and the pink is striking. It brings femininity, sass, romance and a little fun to the party. What do you think of this adorable combo?


PinkandMint Straws | Cake | Ice Cream | Flowers | Earrings
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