Whether you are a vendor, photographer or newlywed, we would love to see your photos! We are very visual people here at The Aisle Style, so please don’t send any less than 20 of your best pictures.

We are looking for trendsetting weddings and ideas that offer a lot of detail and a ton of personality. Although we can’t promise to post every wedding submitted, with your permission, we may use your pictures to highlight something specific (like sparklers or a wedding day Bar-B-Que) for a blog post.

We will accept photos from pretty much any wedding related event under the sun (think engagement photos, rehearsal dinners, etc.)

We do feature amazing destinations for honeymoons, so if you have a great story we would love to hear the details. We would appreciate photos of the scenery and any details you felt made your destination truly spectacular!

If you would like to submit your photos for consideration please send us the following:

  1. Name of the Bride and Groom
  2. Date of the event
  3. Location of the event
  4. Credits: Photo credits are a must. We would also prefer to credit all vendors involved so please list as many as possible.
  5. The most details the better! Tell us everything you can about your event and don’t forget all the juicy details!
  6. 30 to 100 images of your big day. * Note: We LOVE detail shots (food, bouquets, rings, etc.). Jpeg formatting only, images must be a minimum of 650 pixels wide.