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Okay, if you don’t have a pair of Toms, you need them. If you don’t have a pair of shoes yet for your wedding day, problem solved! You can use these shoes for the whole wedding party! Toms are a great option for a low-key casual event or even to change into later in the night when your feet start swelling from those 5 inch heels you bought. The best part about these shoes is for every pair of shoes you buy, Toms donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need. How amazing is that?! You could be planning your wedding and saving the world at the same time :) Check out these great new styles, some of which have been specifically designed for weddings. These are definitely the new converse!

For the ladies:

IVORY GROSGRAIN WOMENS CLASSICS – Classic Toms, simple, comfy and a touch of elegance with subtle shimmer. ($54)

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IVORY GROSGRAIN WOMEN’S WEDGES- Need some height? These wedges are the perfect alternative to the grosgrain classics. You get the same look and feel but you get to stand tall with this 3 1/4″ wedge. ($69)

Photo Credit: Toms

NATURAL CROCHET WOMENS CLASSICS- If you want a little more than simple, check out this version that features beautiful crochet work. I love these shoes! ($58)

Photo Credit: Mike Larson, Inc. via Lovely Little Things, Purchase them here.

For the men:

BLACK CANVAS MENS CLASSICS- The classic Toms for men, these black canvas shoes come in a variety of colors like grey and ivory that will match their suits. These can make a great gift for your groomsmen at just $44 per pair.

Photo Credit: Toms

BLACK PERFORATED LEATHER MENS CLASSICS – If your groom wants just a little more oomph on the white carpet, have him check out this leather pair. They will jazz up his wedding day look for $100.

Photo Credit: Toms

Little Ones:

SILVER SPARKLES TINY TOMS- These don’t need much explanation. They are adorable. End of story. ($29)

Photo Credit: Toms

Pretty Pictures:

Photo Credit: Jagger Photography

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes
Photo Credit: Well Groomed Blog
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