Flower Feature: Anemone

June 9, 2011 No Comments by Nicole

I love anemone’s. I think they are gorgeous and unique and wonderful! They are perfect for weddings with a bit of a vintage flare, they add a sweet, feminine and romantic feel. It is said in Greek mythology that the anemone is the flower that bloomed up from the spilled blood of Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis!

They are known for their uniqueness of color. Probably the most popular version is a pure white flower with a dark black pistil. There are other varieties that are white but also have dark violet or pink streaks bursting out from the base of the pistils. There are many other colors available such as red, purple and pink, some of which have the dark center and others with a slight green or yellow color.

Anemones do not like being out of water for any great length of time and take water in quickly, so water levels should be checked regularly. This is something to keep in mind if placing them in your bouquet. For the reception, place your bouquet in a vase of water and use it for decoration on your table! Luckily, these blooms pop open at room temperature so they will stand proud on your big day!

They are available September through May, with a peak season of late winter and early spring. They generally cost about $2 per stem. They are a delicate flower whose petals are easily bruised or town, so choose where to use them wisely! The centers do contain pollen (in the third picture down you can see some of the pollen falling on the petals) that can stain so be careful around your pretty white dress.

Here is some inspiration for you!!

Photo Credit: Bouquet Wedding Flower

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Photo Credit: Project Wedding

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