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I love Twilight. Don’t hate.

Alfred Angelo created a beautiful replica of the vintage dress Bella wore in Breaking Dawn: Part One, which is available for sale at an affordable price.

 Photo Credit: Alfred Angelo

The theme of the wedding was very natural, outdoorsy and whimsical. This can easily be created in an outdoor space using huge amounts of flowers, twigs and hanging lights.

 Photo Credit: Flores Del Sol

The shoes that Bella wore in the movie were made my Manolo Blahnik (who else?) and will run you around $1,295 big ones. Chump change right?

It is rightfully named the Swan Embellished Satin pump. They are made in Italy (again, couldn’t be more perfect for the story) and feature a 4 1/2 inch heel. With the exception of Bella’s coordination (or lack there of) this is probably why she had trouble walking in them, and why a pair of back up flats would be a great idea!

 Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus 

Check out these beautiful vintage garters. This definitely would have been something Bella would have worn in keeping with the vintage theme for Edward. Wow. I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth. I think I have a problem.

Photo Credit: Emily Riggs Bridal 


And for all of you ladies who fell in love with Bella’s honeymoon dress, I have some bad news. You can’t buy it. Let’s just leave it at that. Trust me I’ve tried selling my kidney’s and it’s just not in the cards. But….. I did stumble upon this lovely dress by Banana Republic that I found to be very similar.

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

The dress is a little different, it feature’s a print, but the shape is very similar. All you need is to add a thin black belt with a bow on it and you’re set!

If you were silently judging me throughout this entire post, please go here and do yourself a favor.


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