April 25, 2011 No Comments by Nicole

Has anyone checked out the site Pinterest.com? It’s amazing and I’m kind of obsessed! It is a site designed to make it easy for you to compile inspiring pictures and share them with other members. An image gallery if you will.

I think every bride should become a member and use this to inspire your own wedding. Create a profile and drag the “Pin It” link to your favorites bar on your browser. Now, whenever you find a photo that speaks to you, just click “Pin It” and you can instantly add it to your pinboard. Voilà! Virtual inspiration board!

This can also be a great way to find images that have inspired other people. You can follow other members boards and find some really unique ideas you may want to incorporate into your own wedding.

Check out my profile here.

If you are interested in this site, simply ask for an invite, or send your e-mail address to Nicole@TheAisleStyle.com and I’ll send you one!

A few images to inspire you :)

Photo Credits: Chocolate Mustache- Chaz Cruz Weddings; Updo- Jill Thomas Photography; Wedding Tree- Red Ribbon Studio
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