Stars and Stripes

August 9, 2011 No Comments by Nicole

I’m really digging the feel that thick black and white stripes add to a bouquet. It’s just an easy way to punch up your wedding day flowers at a low cost. If you feel that your bouquet is lacking due to budget restrictions, go ribbon shopping ASAP! Check out these beautiful floral masterpieces for inspiration. The bow on this first one is spectacular!

Photo Credit: JMM Photography via Style Me Pretty

I love how the designer of this bouquet left several ribbon ends hanging. Imagine walking down the aisle holding this, the flow of the ribbon will gently fly around and make for a beautiful presentation!

Photo Credit: Desi Baytan Photography via Style Me Pretty

This bouquet is so simple but packs a punch, don’t you think? Large peonies will cut down on your budget because you will need less blooms. Tie on a short thick ribbon and volià!  (PS the trim on this ribbon makes it extra snazzy :) )

Photo Credit: Unknown via Pinterest

 This ribbon is different from the others because it is slightly see through. This makes for a less dramatic look if you want something a little more understated.

Photo Credit: Chloe of Mike Larson Inc via Style Unveiled


What’s that you say? You love the look of black and white stripes and you are looking for other ways to use them in your wedding? Fear not! There are many ways to incorporate them into your ceremony and reception! One of the best things about using adding black and white stripes to your decor is the way color pops against it. Check it out!

 Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

This lounge will invite every guest to feel right at home with a touch of added style and romance.

Photo Credit: Libby James Blog

I love envelope liners, to me it is a worthy expense! Then again, I am not what you would call “frugal”.

Photo Credit: Unknown via Pinterest

 I absolutely love this cake! It is perfect for the bride looking for simplicity but doesn’t want something boring, and it has just the slightest feminine touch with the bows…. amazing!

Photo Credit: Wedding Path

 This would be perfect for a winery themed wedding for something a bit different than the usual decor.

Photo Credit: The Merriment Blog


I love this look for a bridal shower or bachelorette party! I remember seeing this in the pages of Brides Magazine a few years ago. I just remember thinking, when I get married, I hope someone throws me a shower that looks like that (insert pouty face)!

 Photo Credit: Hostess Blog

Another take for my friends planning my future bridal shower. Sorry ladies, I know I’m rude, I can’t help it.

Photo Credit: Hostess Blog

Yes, please.

Photo Credit: OnceWed


This picture sums up exactly why you should use these stripes on your big day. Adorable. I wish this was my wedding. I would be super happy. (Check out the full wedding here.)

Photo Credit: Once Wed
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