Things We Heart: February

February 17, 2012 No Comments by Nicole

Behold the month for love! Not that every other month isn’t, but what girl would turn down flowers, chocolate and jewelry just because it’s Valentines Day right?

I love hearing stories of things that are sent to the bride or groom prior to the ceremony. It’s such a great reminder of the purpose of the wedding and can help bring things back into perspective. It can be an extravagant display of flowers, a gift of some sort or even the most simple note or card. It’s something shared between just the two of you. I know I have always dreamed of sending my Mr. a fancy watch so he always remembers he’s stuck with me for ALL time :) But it is also something special for him every time he wears it he can think of our wedding day.

Photo Credit: Jasminecherie Tumblr

This beautiful necklace by Rivini can be found at Gabriella New York and will set you back $1,075 buckaroos. I think if I had an extra grand laying around it would definitely be worth it.

 Photo Credit: Rivini via Martha Stewart Weddings

How amazing are these escort cards? They are the perfect blend of vintage romance. They run $1 each and can be customized with your wedding colors and flowers!

 Photo Credit:  Parchment Posies

$55,000 cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. Did anyone get one of these Tuesday night?

Photo Credit: Brides 


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