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June 16, 2011 No Comments by Nicole

The new way to thank your guests for attending your wedding? A photo of you studs on the day of your wedding! Guest’s will love getting to have a picture of you two from the big day! Remember, if you haven’t already written a personal thank you note to the guest for a gift they gave you, this DOES NOT replace that. You should always write a personal thank you letter!  If a guest brings a gift to the wedding, knock out a nice thank you and throw one of these beautiful photos in there with it. OR, just send them separately! Here are some tips on writing those thank you’s!


  • Your thank you’s should be sent two to three weeks after receiving a gift, if the gift was received before the wedding. Any rumor you may have heard about having a year to send them out? Not true.
  • If the gift was sent at the time of the wedding or after the wedding, you have three months. People understand that you are stressed nailing down the final details of the big day and going on your honeymoon.
  • Make sure you split up the responsibility of writing. You can write to your family and friends, and your partner can write to their family and friends. Split mutual friends down the middle.
  • Make your thank you’s personal! Talk about how good it was to see the guest and when you will see them next. Talk about how much you love the gift and why you love it or what you plan to do with it. Don’t make it seem as if a machine is printing off an automated response.
  • If you are writing a thank you for someone who gave you cash, don’t mention the amount. The best way to address this is to say “Thank you for the generous gift.”
  • If you received a group gift, make sure you write each giver a note!


Photo Inspiration!

Photo Credit: Project Wedding


Photo Credit: Dex Knows Blog

Photo Credit: Simply Rosie


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