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01 Apr

Drink of the Week: Blood Orange Lemon Fizz

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I have recently stumbled upon A Beautiful Mess and man! What a blog! I could get stuck on there for hours! After a late night scouring their posts I found this beautiful and vibrant drink that sounds both refreshing and tasty!! Plus I love any drink with blood orange in it. Not only is it super yummy but the color is absolutely stunning! And anything with bubbles is okay with this girl!! This drink would be perfect for any winter or spring affair when blood oranges are in peak season.

Blood Orange Lemon Fizz

BloodOrangeLemonFizz Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess


Check out A Beautiful Life for the full recipe!!

25 Mar

Drink of the Week: Raspberry Beer Cocktail

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This week we are all about spring!! We have waited patiently for months and it’s finely here! Well… I guess it’s technically here, whether it warms up or not, we will see. Fresh berries and mason jars are definitely at the top of my spring list so when I found this lovely concoction I was ecstatic. Plus…. it sounds awesome!

RaspberryBeerCocktail Photo Credit: A Cup of Mai

Make sure to check out A Cup of Mai for the full recipe!

18 Mar

Drink of the Week: Lavender Mojitos

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We are feeling very inspired by lavender this week! Easter has us dreaming of pastels and the flowers and herbs of spring. Behold the Lavender Mojito!! This drink would be great for a beautiful garden wedding, super rustic and fantastic smelling affair!

Lavender Mojito

LavenderMojitos Photo Credit: Sugar and Charm

Check out Sugar and Charm for the full recipe along with other cool things to do with lavender!

11 Mar

Drink of the Week: Cardamom Rose Cocktail

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Spring? Are you there? After 3 weeks of snow I am ready for flowers and leaves and warm weather! Oh…. and allergies I guess. Well we will just forgot about that last part for a minute. I picked this drink for obvious reasons, it looks delightful and it makes me think of spring… duh! The rose syrup in this puppy gives it a really beautiful hue and would be perfect for your wedding if you are taking advantage of this blush color trend going around!


Cardamom Rose Cocktail

 cardamomrosecocktail Photo Credit: Design Sponge


Check out Design Sponge for the full recipe and the inspiration behind this drink!


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