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18 Jul

Things We Heart: July

As summer is well under way, we have a collection of lovely favorites for the month of Juuuuuly. Check um out!

I have to admit when I saw this next idea, I almost pee’d my pants I was so excited! Being a die hard Hunger Games fan, I see anything with an arrow on it and I jump out of my socks…. except that I don’t normally wear socks, but you know what I mean. This is such a different idea! It’s customizable and makes such a great presentation!! Can you say DIY?

Photo Credit: Max Wanger via 100 Layer Cake

Okay, okay. There has been a ton of hype about the “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” trend. It’s beyond cute. I’ll admit it. But you may be asking yourself, what about the boys? Aren’t the groomsmen just as important? Well yes they are! And grooms are finally stepping out of the shadows and coming up with special “manly” ways to asks their boys to be. Got any good ideas?

 Photo Credit: Jonah Stewart via InspirationFeed.com

The Wedding Chicks make some of the coolest printed gifts for your guests and wedding party. I love the idea of printing your save the date on a dishtowel and what a cute one at that! Your guests will be sure to see this in their kitchen every time they are hungry!! Which in my case would be 24/7.

 Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

You know how hot we are for signature drinks we are here at The Aisle Style, so when this idea popped up we couldn’t resist adding it to our favorite things! Guests will love having a copy of your signature drink. And what is even cooler is that every time they make it they will think of your wedding day. Paper cocktail napkins can cost almost nothing and you shouldn’t get charged much more for custom printing. Make sure you pick out a super cool font!

 Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Well this is just too stinking cute isn’t it?

 Photo Credit: Instagram
27 May

Etsy Find Friday: Cufflinks

It’s time for Etsy Find Friday!! This week we are giving some attention to the men! Here are some awesome cufflinks for your handsome hunks!

I love these vintage map cufflinks made by DLK Designs! They are so unique and you can choose your cities to represent a special place you and your loved one share! It could be the place you two met or maybe where you got engaged. Each cufflink is different so you can choose a different place for each arm!

These can be great gifts for your groomsmen! Have one cuff be the location of the wedding and make the other a place special to him and the groom. And good news! DLK Designs offers a discount when you buy 4 or more pairs!

Each square cufflink measures .75 of an inch and is made using sterling silver. The map area of the cufflink is preserved under a magnifying, doming jewelry grade resin. You can also have them engraved for an additional fee!

Photo Credit: Dlk Designs

These cufflinks by Gnome292 would make a great addition to a rustic wedding! They can put just about anything on these cufflinks. Think about using your monogram, initials, wedding date or anything else special to the two of you. This is a great way to incorporate something personal.

The cufflinks will vary from piece to piece but usually measure around 1 inch and are backed with your choice of silver or gold. This is such a creative way to tie in your wedding theme so check out their Etsy site here!

Photo Credit: Gnome292

These cufflinks make the perfect addition to any vintage or romantic wedding! Qacreate makes these using typewriter keys from antique typewriters. The keys are made from authentic typewriter keys from 1930/ 1940’s era typewriters! The keys are polished first and then attached to silver-plated posts. How amazing to have something like that as part of your big day!

Qacreate is the real deal! They take a lot of time matching keys and making sure everything looks just perfect, right down to the presentation of receiving the cufflinks in a beautiful jewelry box!

Photo Credit: Qacreate

Now, these are something I’m sure my boyfriend would love!!! They are cufflinks made using guitar picks! You can get them from Asgard Design and they come in several different colors such as red, blue, white, purple, grey, brown, and turquoise. These are perfect for the music lover at heart!

Photo Credit: Asgard Designs
28 Apr

Unique Boutonnieres

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Okay ladies. Sometimes we get a little carried away in our planning and forget to include our oh so important groom. :) Here is a great way to make him feel included. Fritts Rosenow Floral Design has created a huge variety of non-floral boutonnieres that range from vintage to specific hobbies.



Take a step outside the box and have your groom rock one of these awesome boutonnieres on his lapel and he is guaranteed to feel special. Adding these to your wedding would mean adding a truly unique detail. Rosenow has dozens of options for you to choose from for your anti-flower groomsmen, so you can personalize one for each of them. The best news? You can have them custom made!!! Think of the possibilities!

Photo Credit: Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres, The Man Registry
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