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22 Mar

Color Spotlight: Lavender and Buttercup

Ok, so I’m in love with this color combo! Soft hues are perfect for spring and perfect for an updated nature theme full of feathers and flowers and a slight english countryside flare! This would be a perfect color combo for spring and pastels  are definitely in for 2014. Sounds like a party to me? What do you guys think?

LavenderandButtercup Wedding Dress | Cake | Macarons | Chair
10 Aug

A Dress of a Different Color

Fashion No Comments by Nicole

Take a step outside of the box and add some beautiful color to your gown. What a great way to add something unexpected and different! Use any color you can think of or go with a shade of blue to act as your “something blue”. If you want to keep your gown white, consider this as a fun option for your bridesmaids. This could be a stunning option for a great neutral dress!

Photo Credit: Stephanie James Couture

If you don’t want to pay for a professional to create this look for you, there are two alternate options. Option A is is to buy dye available in stores. It comes at an affordable price and is easily available. Store-bought dye is also available in tons of colors so you will be able to pick the exact hue that you want.   Option B is to go the homemade route. These dyes are great because they are all-natural and non-toxic. The downside to this is that the exact color will vary. You have to be married to the idea that an exact shade is out of the question.

What’s Next?

Homemade- Brass Paper Clips suggests checking out Crafting a Greener World or  Pioneer Thinking for easy tutorials on how to make your own plant-based dye.

Store Bought– Brass Paper Clips also suggests Rit for great information on store-bought dye and dying techniques and a color formula generator to help you create exactly the right shade. After you have chosen your desired shade, read the directions on the box of dye and you are on your way to a beautiful and unique look!

Photo Credit: Brass Paper Clip

**** Please make sure you know your fabric and how it reacts to dye so it doesn’t ruin. As always follow directions exactly. They are there for a reason :)

For stories from real brides and extra tips check out That Bride and  A Backyard Wedding.

 Photo Credit: Sara Jayne Photography


12 Jul

Reem Acra Fall Collection 2011

Fashion 1 Comment by Nicole

Yay! It’s time for good ole Reem Acra again! This collection is really beautiful! Although you can’t tell from the photo’s, the collection is full of really cool back designs. The collection includes an asymmetrical back, illusion sleeves with a deep v back and a really elegant T back. It’s really neat to see the intricate design of the gown’s show up somewhere unexpected! Plus, check out all the dresses because each one features a veil that is inspired by an animal :)

Here’s my favorite!

05 Jul

Melissa Sweet by Priscilla of Boston Fall Collection 2011

Fashion No Comments by Nicole

Melissa Sweet creates beautiful vintage pieces using a variety of fabrics and textures. This collection is also highlighted by light blue details, perfect for your something blue! Melissa Sweet is best know for her beautiful silhouettes the flow and envelope the bride in stunning textures and details. The dresses in this collection range from $3,000 to $10,000 and can be found in stores where Priscilla of Boston are carried. You should also check out the Melissa Sweet Bridesmaids Collection, which has some amazing and unique options!

I was really having some trouble choosing my favorite from this collection. So I chose one short and one long :) As usual, I love the clean lines and simple silhouette of this dress. It’s beautiful without being over the top. And, I do believe it has pockets which gets 20 points with this chic because I am a pocket girl. Simply gorgeous!

I love this dress!!! I love the difference in color between the bodice and skirt. They really compliment each other and add a bit of fun to a possible second dress. The lace and ruffles really draw a feminine look but I feel as though the dress also has a, dare I say, victorian rock and roll vibe? Maybe it’s just me….

Photo Credit: Melissa Sweet
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