Pantone Color Trends- Spring/ Summer 2012

March 1, 2012 2 Comments by Nicole

Yay! I love it when it is Pantone color time. Those pantone people…. they are so smart!! Here ya go!

Tangerine Tango – Color of the Year  

I’m so happy to have such a bold and happy color for 2012. Hopefully it signifies that thinks are looking up for us right?! Let’s focus on great combinations for Spring and Summer! Tangerine Tango would look great with just white and black for an ultra modern look. You could pair it with navy for a great preppy New England affair complete with shrimp boil! Also consider pairing this gorgeous hue with teal and white for a latin vibe.



I’ll admit it. I love pink. I never grew out of my pink phase. My wedding will be pink. Just an FYI. This deep shade of pink would look great with navy with a nautical inspiration, think ropes and anchors. It could also be amazing as a monochromatic palette with shades of bubblegum and blush for something really romantic. Caberet would also be nicely paired with a camel shade for a sophisticated look.


Love this shade. Not only does it remind me of margarita’s (you know because of the name) but also key lime pie! This shade would look lovely paired with white for a very simple, clean earthy feel. It would also be nice paired with any shade of purple for a garden or vineyard theme. Once again, navy would be a great accompaniment  for a preppy affair. Think lots of stripes and polka dots!


This shade of purple should definitely be the center of attention in your color choices! I would pair it will a nice neutral tone like ivory, chocolate or grey. Yellow would also be a great choice for a garden theme or maybe even something a little more whimsical.




Love, love, love this color!!! We are currently carrying a lot of this shade at the ole Crate and Barrel. I could see this matching with a lovely lime green and white for a fun and relaxed day. I think it would also look nice with a light shade of purple like a lavender. If you really wanted to go all out, use a variety of pastels, pinks, oranges and purples and make cockatoo the star attraction.


  Sodalite- Blue

In my mind the only real way to go with this color is white. All the way, everything blue and white. That is all I have to say about that :)




I would like to see starfish paired with a lighter hue of purple for something really classy and elegant. It could also look great with a vibrant shade of pink, such as cabaret for something chic. For a natural and earthy vibe, pair this with shade of green and brown. I could also see it being perfect for the ultimate beach wedding (it is called starfish after all) along with teal and sea glass.


  Solar Power

Solar power is definitely a statement maker so make sure you pick another color that is toned down a bit. A neutral like white, tan or grey would help balance the intensity very well. Navy would also look nice for something a little preppy.




Alas, a shade of grey. Which seems to be the color of choice for brides the last year or so. While yellow is the popular choice, there are so many different ways to go with this. Grey is the new black so run away with it. This particular shade being darker would look great with any bright color. Orange would be a great choice, teal, or lime green would also be lovely. Just remember to stick to shade’s that have a warmer hue since this grey has a hint of brown.


  Sweet Lilac

Yay! Finally an opportunity to tie in the color with florals. If you chose this color you would obviously have to have sweet lilac in your bouquets! I imagine a color scheme of lilac, white and grey for a romantic feel. This would also look good with navy, sea glass, or peach.



Will you be using any of these colors in your wedding?

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