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June 23, 2011 No Comments by Nicole

So, when it comes to weddings there are about a million different cards that are used and knowing the difference between them all is very important. This brings me to the escort card. It is different than a place card which sits at the seat of the guest. An escort card tells the guest where to go.

This raises the question, to seat or not to seat? I am a firm believer in the seating chart. As a guest at a wedding, having those moments where you can’t figure out where to sit can be brutal. Do I take up a whole table to myself because I am scared to sit with people I don’t know? Do I sit with strangers hoping they aren’t secretly saving the seats for someone else? Just take the extra time to make a seating chart and all will be well. It might be a little more stressful for you, but definitely less stressful on your guests. A seating chart is also necessary if you are having a seating meal so your caterer knows which meals go where.

You can come up with really creative ways to display your escort cards. Whatever you choose, make sure they are displayed near the entrance of the reception and have them in alphabetical order. You should include the guest’s name and table number. This is where you will need to make sure you have everyone’s name (including those plus one’s). If you want to go for a more formal escort card, have the guest’s name written on an outer envelope and the table number written on a card on the inside. This can make things a little easier too because you can change the cards as necessary :)

Here are some ideas for your escort cards:

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Wedding

Learn how to make these adorable pinwheel escort cards here.

Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day

These are also DIY!

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Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings


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Help your guests go home with some money thanks to escort cards wrapped around scratch off lottery ticket :) Who doesn’t love scratch off’s?

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Photo Credit: The Knot


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